D-xylose CTR is a fine crystalline powder, odourless with a sweet taste and no discernable aftertaste. D-xylose, commonly called “wood sugar”, is a natural pentose obtained from the xylan portion of hemicelluose from plant cell walls and fibre.

D-xylose has GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) status through the Flavour and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA).

D-xylose is one of the eight essential glyconutrients.

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CAS No. 58-86-6
Molecular Formula C5H10O5
Molecular Weight 150.13 g/mol
Color Max. 30 (ICUMSA Spectrophotometric)
Moisture Max. 0.5% (Karl Fisher)
Assay 98.5 – 101.0% on DS (HPLC)
Ash Max. 0.2% (ICUMSA conductivity/USP)
pH (50% solution) 3-6 (pH meter)
Heavy Metals Max. 5 mg/kg (European Pharmacopoeia)
Arsenic Max. 0.5 mg/kg (AAS – Hydride Method)
Lead Max. 0.3 mg/kg (ICP)


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